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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Mom's Visit

My mom is visiting with us for a month or so from Quebec, since she arrived a week ago, I've been trying to get her to come into my scraproom as often as I can, but she has always been hesitant to try playing with my toys. Today I convinced her to make Mother's Day cards to send to her 3 sisters and these are the beauties she made.

At first she had decided she wanted to copy the one we had made during our classes, but after showing her all the stamp sets she could choose from, she dedided on three different images, but keeping to the same layout.

I will never tire of seeing the pride in someone who has just finished their first project,  the sense of accomplishment and surprise on their face, that says "I made this!".

Now I'm not sure I can convince her to do it everyday, but before she left my room tonight, I suggested she needed to make a card for her great grand-daughter, who is 5 and would just love to receive a handmade card by her memere (slang french name for grand-mother) and she didn't say "NO", so there is hope yet.


  1. These are lovely Louise! Please pass my congratulations on to your Mom - she's a natural!
    And good for you for giving her such joy in her accomplishment!

  2. Wow Louise, your Mum did a great job!!! It must have been touching to see her pride in her creations :)