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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Busy Day

Today it was 6 o'clock the first time I sat down, some days are just like that. It was a productive day though, I'm almost finished the cards for our ASI swap, but the best part of today was creating something I've been wanting for a long long time, a clip it display rack. All those little things I have in binders, boxes and bags can now be hung in plain view, hopefully that will mean if you see it you use it and will save on duplicate purchases.

For years I've been admiring these but being me I couldn't bring myself to purchase one at a retail store. For the past week I've been a trial member of a demonstrator only website where we can find ideas of all sorts, cards, class ideas and projects. I'm not sure if I can mention the name of the person who shared the instructions for this so I'll hold off, but she is a genius. Of course I can never follow instructions, I always have to add another twist, her's was a tabletop unit, but since table real estate is a luxury around our house, I chose to make it a stand alone unit using the base from a floor lamp I had, put caster wheels on it and voila, I can move it around the room as I please. The only problem now is the weeks it will take me to empty all the containers I have and hang everything, but I'm positive it will all be worth it.