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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Baby Boy - Paper Bag Mini Album

I've spent the past few weeks designing and making a baby boy paper bag mini album for a special little baby. I made a video to post on here, but for whatever reason (which I will have to research and learn how to do) after 1 hour of saying it was uploading the video nothing happens. So I gave up for now and will instead post the pictures. Sorry it is long...

The little book that says "My Story" has several pages of lined paper so mom and dad can write the story of his birth.

This one opens to place 5 pictures.

The little book again can be used to tell those fun little bath time stories.

I purposely left these pages blank so they can make imprints of his hands and feet.

No book of mine would be complete without some reference to farm!

Here they can insert pictures of mom, dad and Samuel.

A page to tell about mom.
A page to tell about dad.
And finally the card I made to go along with it.

I'm happy to say the album was delivered today,  mom and dad both loved it, and we enjoyed meeeting Samuel for the first time.


  1. Wow. That is incredible!! You are beyond talented!! Just WOW.

  2. This is stunning Louise!!! The amount of time and effort that you put into this is amazing. It is just beautiful :)