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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Messy room = Creative Mind, I hope!

This one is for all you ladies who have to come to the Scrappin' Barn and walked into my room and said, "Oh your room is so clean, so tidy and well organized"

(before a class)

And I'm sure when I say, "Oh, it's not normally like this!" you don't really believe me. So I thought I would show you what my table looks like when I have 4 projects on the go at the same time.

(during a creative moment)

I have tried (and believe me, my friend "J" can attest to this) to clean as I go, but once I get going I find that if I stop to put things away, I lose my ideas. (I heard that snicker, "No, it's not age related"). What seems to work for me is work until I have no more space, then clear a few things and keep going.

I'm working on three birthday cards and a baby boy Mini Album, which I have to get done by Sunday, and hoping to have pictures of it on here by then. I'm bursting to show it to someone who can appreciate the work that goes into it.


  1. Oh, I KNOW how much work is in such a project! Are you offering it as a class? ;)

  2. This is a present for a special little someone. But you've given me a great idea, I may just have a class on the process of making/creating a paperbag mini and you ladies could bring your own papers and embellishments. Interested? If yes, give me a call or send me an email.

  3. Oh Boy, can I relate to your table!!! (the messy one!) AND I think I recognize something kind of pink on there too!!! :0)